🕕In less than 4 hours our CEO will be answering all your questions about the BeFiT DeFi Project ‼️ Join AMA here : https://t.me/BeFiTDefi

👉So here are the questions that we have received so far and that will be replied to :

🔹What is exactly the goal of the befit defi platform ? What benefits will it bring to investors who wants to use it ?

🔸How does it work ? If I want to invest 1000USD what will happen ?

🔹What are your plans to onboard new clients and what market are you targetting ?

🔸How long are you able to hold on with the project before mass adoption ?

🔹It seems that a lot of projects from 2021 are gone and failed to deliver their promises. How will BFT avoid the same fate ? How can we be confident it won’t disapear a year from now ?

🔸What are the greatest challenges BFT Team is facing right now ?

🔹When will web e able to make purshases with BFT, using the crypto assets of our choice, as stated in the whitepaper ?

🔸Honestly, what do you guys think about crypto ‘investors’? We aren’t necessarily stake holders/hold equity but we can be very demanding and sometimes hostile. Is this one of the reasons why the team goes ‘dark’ sometimes?

🔹With the trading pair of WELB/USDT being shut down on CoinsBit — is the team in talks with other exchanges to list WELB or BFT in the near future? 🔸What is your runway stock? What business model to maintain the protocol is planned on an ongoing basis?

🔹Are you going to swap the BNB raised from the ILO in Stable coins to avoid the volatility of the BNB ?

🔸What do you consider as your biggest obstacle for long term success and how are you trying to overcome it?

🔹How many people are currently working on developing the protocol? How many more do you plan to attract people?

🔸Can you please reflect on the BFT Fund strategy? What will happen if the Fund raising goal is not reached ? Will you as a team change your mindset and your strategy regarding product (as in building ON BFT) development?

🔹How do transaction fees and reward protcole work ? Could there be some examples of how that would work in practice?

🔸What are the features for main project token hoders (WELB) with the BeFiT DeFi platform ?

🔹Almost every investor holds the token for the short-term without understanding the long-term value. So, how can you ensure for us that holding this token is more beneficial for long-term and what is your plan to increase the demand and scarcity of the token?

🔸Why do we have to depend on the BSC when we are planning for our own independent block chain.? Why don’t to create an exchange first and then list WELB on our own exchange?

🤔 If you have other questions please fill in this form before 4PM UTC+1 : https://forms.gle/M1UcL3GRb9dw5hbSA



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