👁if you were not present for the AMA here is the replay as promised. So check out to find the answers you are looking for in our great project : https://youtu.be/8i92y9tCfaY

👉All the answers can be find here : https://www.wellbe-coin.com/t-en-gb/faq-1-1

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Yesterday our CEO conducted an AMA where she answered a lot of your questions, However many other questions were asked and we decided that for all of you see them all, we will prepare an webpage where you can find them.

So here it is :

1️⃣ Click on the link : https://www.wellbe-coin.com/t-en-gb/faq-1-1

2️⃣ choose the your topic.

3️⃣ select the question you want the answer for.

🎁We will name tomorrow the 5 winners of 500 WELB for the 5 best questions asked.


👁And don’t forget the ILO is ending in less than 2 days 😱.

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💧 WellBe Coin 2nd Round @Airdrop 💧

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⏳ Distribution date: Within 1 week from November 30, 2021.



🏋️‍♀️WellBeCoin(WELB ) PUBLIC PRE-SALE🏋🏽

The only crypto currency dedicated to the Fitness Industry

✅Public Pre-Sale Up till 30.11.2021✅

Earn passive income using our V2 Platform, stake and get rewarded in BNB or USDT.

Total Supply- 250,000,000

Tokens For Presale- 4,300,000

Tokens For Liquidity- 1,290,000

Soft Cap- 300k$

Hard Cap- 500k$

Presale Rate- 0,12$

Pairs available : BNB/USDT/ETH

Minimum Contribution- 100WELB

Presale Start Time- 20.09.2021 16:00:00

Presale End Time- 30.11.2021 23:59:00

IndoEx Listing Rate- 0,17$

IndoEx Liquidity- 30%

Liquidity Unlock Date- 1 year


Join Pre-Sale- Link : https://international.indoex.io/buyieo/WELB


Check the power of our WELB and other interesting calls in our channels:

🖥Website:‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‎ ‌‌‌ https://www.wellbe-coin.com/t-en-gb

✅Medium:‌‌‎ ‌‌‌‎ ‌‌‌‌ https://medium.com/@cyclon13200

✅Telegram:‌‌‎ ‌‌‌‌‌‎ ‌‌‌ https://t.me/joinchat/FQPtPo8ERGXfzwTD

✅Twitter:‌‌‎ ‌‌‌‎ https://twitter.com/WellbeCoin

✅Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wellbecoin

🤔 more details on our IEO: https://www.wellbe-coin.com/t-en-gb/ieo




WellBe Coin

La crypto-monnaie est une nouvelle technologie révolutionnaire qui apporte une dimension infinie à la liberté de l’argent. L’adaptée à un domaine d’industrie sp