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WellBe Coin
La crypto-monnaie est une nouvelle technologie révolutionnaire qui apporte une dimension infinie à la liberté de l’argent. L’adaptée à un domaine d’industrie sp

Here we go! Less than a month left to purchase the WELB at 0.10€.

The 9th July we end the ICO* and we will be going public with our own exchange plateform on Pancakeswap, very soon.

So why should I buy my WELB now, you might ask ?

Well ! I could give hundreds reasons why! Such as the project targets :

  • The Fitness world, with its over 230 million users in the world, its 65 000 clubs and nothing less than 111 billion $ revenue per year.
  • The team expertise
  • The partnerships with big Fitness brands we have settled

👀👁Watch this guy 👀👁

😱😱2 DAYS LEFT 😱😱

There less than 1 000 000 WELB left at 0,09€


From the 1st of June they will be at 0,10€!

👉BUY NOW and make 73% PROFIT by July

You have missed the Bitcoin train in 2009 !? And now you are crying 😭

📌100 Bitcoin bought in 2009 are worth now around 4 billions$



🚨Vendredi 28 mai 🗓.

Webinar sur les solutions qu’apporte le WellBe dans le domaine du Fitness avec divers intervenants spécialisés !

Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant ➡️

The WellBe project has the particularity of having a Solidarity Aid Fund (SAF), fed by the 10% of the fund’s endowments, which will be the main axis of this project.

WellBe’s mission is to support, accompany and help structures dedicated to well-being and sports. For this, the creation of Smart Contracts allowing the selection and decentralized allocation of funds will be created.

The SAF will also finance innovative club projects, clubs members of the community in difficulty, and provide them with interest-free loans. The SAF adapts to the situations and needs of fitness professionals.

There are 4 different modules:

  • Support…

Participate in our 🚀ICO and be part of the next best blockchain project in 2021

Buy your WELB now : https://

The cryptocurrency dedicated to the fitness industry 🏋🏼‍♂️

💶A means of payment, with a gantanty growth of 15%/year thanks to its self financed treasury.

🙏A solidarity aid found (SAF) to support the industry and its actors and a self founded development department.

🚀The fitness enters a new era with the WellBeCoin and becomes a healthy and wealthy community.

👀Visit pour web site :

Join our communities:


👉Instagram :


👉LinkedIn :

WellBe Coin migrates to the Binance Smart Chain

For the last months, the transactions fees on the Ethereum blockchain have been going through the roof, making, sometimes , transactions more expensive than the amount transferred !

For the good of its community, the WellBe Coin team has decided to move to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The Binance blockchain offers the same functionalities for future WELB users, but transactions will be faster (avragy time to mine a BSC block is only 3 seconds, compared to 13 seconds on Ethereum, for a similar block size) and less expensive thanks to the…

Coworking company #Wework has announced it is accepting crypto-currencies. Soon it will be your favorite gym! 👀 #Wellbecoin.

The revolution is on its way! Are you ready?

#crypto #blockchain


Right now, fitness and sports enthusiasts can’t practice as they used to and wish to. WellBe, like many others Fitness Industry’s actors, helps and supports all those who figured out that #SportIsEssential and that we need to get everyone to understand how important sport is, if we «really» want to get out of this crisis! ✊


À l’heure actuelle, les amateurs de fitness et de sport ne peuvent plus pratiquer comme ils le faisaient et le souhaitent. WellBe, comme beaucoup d’autres acteurs de l’industrie du fitness, aide et soutient tous ceux qui ont compris que #LeSportEstEssentiel et que…

WellBe Coin

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